Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The best place to be

Firstly I apologize if this post looks a bit different. I was tweeking the design slightly and have somehow lost the colour selector for the post titles and it now it will only post in the same colour as the text.  I've tried fixing it but not being a whizz on the computer It'll probably take a while!

Lottie's spent the last few days hiding in her favourite spot under her blanket!

She doesn't "do" rain and doesn't see why she should go out occasionally!

I've been planning a bit of a garden border makeover. The area near to the house has been neglected in recent years and now has hardly anything in it apart from self seeded trees and stuff that the rabbits don't eat (mainly ground elder and bindweed!)  Thanks to new neighbours who are finally tackling the pest problem on their land, I feel like a good tidy and re-planting is worth doing, so watch this space.  The bit where the bench is will be gravelled so that I can put lots of pots there.

Finally, many thanks to Karen at 4 Lil' Girls (checkout her lovely blog) who has passed on 2 awards.

It's brilliant to receive such nice comments, when I've only just started blogging. Thank you. It's difficult to know who to pass them on to as there are so many gorgeous blogs out there, but I'll have a think and pass them on soon.

Oops!, having posted, the title colour is now back as it was and not as it showed in the preview. Don't know what's going on there!

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  1. I think Lottie's very sensible! Congratulations on your awards, your blogs lovely...now I'm just going to look at Karen's blog!