Saturday, 30 July 2011

Garden bits and pieces

Summer seems to have returned at last thankfully and I'm enjoying pottering in the garden and soaking up the colours and scents, and continuing to pick the courgettes, peas and beans that are doing well this year.  The family are getting a bit fed up with courgettes every day! ( Memo to self; don't plant out ALL the spare plants next year, just in case they don't grow. They always do.)  Even when picked tiny, they are so productive and just keep going for months.  I missed these two sneaky ones hiding under some leaves.

The hollyhocks have been lovely, but are looking a bit shabby with rust now, but I can live with that.  Here's a couple of views of the veg plot.  The scarecrow is wearing a shirt "donated" by hubby, and seemed to do the trick of keeping the pigeons off the peas after they had shredded the first lot.

This honeysuckle covers one of the arches and smells absolutely gorgeous.  

A corner near the back door.  The table is covered with pots of scented pelargoniums and rubbing the leaves of these is just like aromatherapy, wonderful.

The large lavender bush near the back door is alive with busy bees.

Off to pick some more French beans.


  1. What lovely photos, your garden looks beautiful.

  2. You are one absolutely multi talented lady, every post is brimming over with gorgeuousness (is that a word) :D well it fits!!
    Karen Xxxx

  3. Beautiful pictures! Love your white chairs and table set. Our hollyhocks are past their best time, too, but I still leave them until their last blooms are gone…