Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The vegetable patch

We are lucky enough to have a pretty large garden.  Unfortunately it's hard to keep the local rabbit population out and they devour anything and everything.  We decided to fence off a section some years ago for veg and it has worked well with just the occasional baby one squeezing under the gate. Here's a view taken a few years ago.  The hens are no more, sadly, having been got by a fox one night.

  I love planning what to grow each year and spend hours pouring over the seed catalogues.  I've tried most things but some things I find not worth the bother. We have very poor chalky, stony soil, so root crops like carrots and potatoes don't do well.  I tend to concentrate on the summer crops like courgettes, peas, french beans and sweetcorn as these are the things we like best, especially different coloured varieties like purple beans and yellow courgettes that you can't get in the shops. A first for me this year was the yellow mangetout pea  "Golden sweet" which I love. They are very pretty and rather more delicate than the green ones. They do make very big plants though, so next year I will make the supports a bit more sturdy!

There are also some raspberries, asparagus and rhubarb in one corner, but I'm gradually making more room for flowers.  In the spring there were loads of tulips and I've got three beds of dahlias this year which are just starting to flower.  In the past  I had loads of gorgeous gladioli but I think  the harsh winters must have killed them off as they didn't appear last year.

Here's today's harvest. 

Now I must get on with some weeding before it gets out of hand!

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  1. What an absolute treat your blog is, it has lifted my spirits like a breath of warm summer air!! LOVE your garden, love your flowers, love your adorable doggie, love love love your quilts!!!
    Looking forward to seeing more as you skip into Blogland :o)xx
    ps show us some of your crochet????!!!! Pretty please!! xxx