Thursday, 18 August 2011

A bit more crochet

I hadn't done any more crochet blocks for a week or two due to Other Things going on, and also still waiting for the Cascade wool which is out of stock and now won't be here for another couple of weeks.  I decided to carry on without it and maybe do some blocks with it later.  Anyway, after playing around with the ones I had and laying them out in various ways, I just wasn't getting excited about it and felt they were lacking something.  After a lot more playing around I've added another granny round to each one and I'm really happy with the result.  I know it means more ends to tidy up!  but I think it makes the whole thing "pop" now rather than being a bit "ho-hum".  I'm still going to join them with cream and think it will look really colourful.
Here's the ones I've done so far.  It was really hard to photograph anything today. It's so dark and gloomy. 

I saw the specialist about my ankle and I'm going in next week to have it done!  The waiting list on the NHS was about 5 months :( but luckily we've got health insurance so I'm going to the rather nice private hospital nearby.  Still not looking forward to it though, but at least this time I can buy myself some new nighties and books to take in with me.  Last time, the husband one of the other ladies on my ward brought in her lacy baby doll nighty and wondered why she was cross!
Also need to stock up the freezer with some "easy" food that doesn't need me standing in the kitchen for too long.

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