Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A busy week

It's been a bit busy round here this week.  There's been a lot of veg' picking and more chutney making.  I made another batch using just courgettes, but left it to cook longer and added a bit more chilli. Tastes even better this time.  Also loving the sweet peas and dahlias that I pick every morning.  Just popped in a jug they  really cheer the kitchen up.

Eldest girl has been at home for the last year after finishing uni' and is off to London for a year at Law school.  She went flat hunting last week and found a lovely place that's ready to move into this weekend!  So there's been a flurry of laundry, list making and digging out of all the STUFF that she'll need again.  I'm sure it must be easier with boys, they don't seem to need half as much stuff as girls!

As a quick house warming present I dug out some crochet blocks that I made a couple of years ago and joined them together to make a cushion cover.  It was only  when I'd finished I remembered that one of them has a red second round, before I'd changed to doing the rest in ivory.  Rats!!  Of course I should undo it and make another one, but since no-one else even noticed I'm not going to bother.  The back is just a big granny square in matching colours. hopefully it will be done by Saturday.

Also hoping to go to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this week, if my ankle holds out.  It has been quite painful recently and apparently some of the pins are starting to work their way out.  I'm going back to hospital to have the metalwork removed soon which I'm not looking forward to, but I guess it will give me time to do some crochet.  Here's a (not very good) pic of the x-ray, when it was first done.

  Sorry if that's put you off your breakfast, but I find it quite fascinating how "low tech" it is, like bits of meccano!


  1. Oh my, it *does*look kind of low-tech! I wonder if the doctors purchase the parts at a toy store ;) But it still looks very serious... Can you walk on it? I've never had a broken bone before *knock on wood* and I can only imagine how much it must have hurt... :S
    Sending you the best wishes!

  2. Thats one strange lookin x ray. My younger sister had a bad horse riding accident last year & her knee had to be completely rebuilt, saw the x rays for hers oh my the screws were huge. Its just the strangest thing to see. hope your recovery with the ankle goes well & you heal properly.
    Love the cushion its real pretty :D
    Karen x

  3. Strangely, it didn't hurt when I first did it. I guess that was shock? But when they pulled it around to plaster it without any pain relief I wasn't very impressed! I had to keep it off the ground for 6 weeks before gradually getting back to normal, but it is still quite stiff.

  4. Love your flower arrangements! And the granny squares are lovely, too. The one with the red second round (had to look for it) is put there with good thought, that’s what you will have to tell if anyone will ever ask (which I doubt). Your ankle looks quite a bit scary, but I am used to x-rays like this one, one of our littles doggies had a plate and pins in her foreleg, too, plate is out again, pins stayed in (vet would have had to use hammer and chisel to take them out - VERY low tech...) and I hope they will behave all her life!!!

  5. Hi there me again, just letting you know i've moved blogs,lots of tec difficulties at 4lilgirls, hope you'll drop by
    Have a great weekend
    Karen x

  6. Your flowers in the jugs make me stop breathing for a moment, they're sooooo beautiful! And your crochet squares are just as beautiful, I adore the colours, just love them. The metal work in your leg is truly awe inspiring, and to think that it is working its way out is truly horrendous. I've just had my breakfast fortunately! Vanessa xxx