Sunday, 14 August 2011

A move to London

We spent a tiring day yesterday moving eldest girl to her new place in London.  Just about managed to squeeze everything into the car, with a little space left for me in the back!  The journey was easier than I thought it might be, thanks to the wonders of sat-nav :)  Then after parting with a frightening amount of money she got the keys and we went to unload everything into her new room

In need of a break, we went for a walk round nearby Greenland Dock in search of some lunch and then wandered back, admiring the boats and agreeing that it almost felt like a seaside harbour (if you ignore Canary Wharf across the river!)

I finished the crochet cushion for her room.  For a hastily thrown together project I think it turned out ok, and it feels lovely and soft and cuddly and hopefully reminds her of home :)

The house does seem strangely quiet now, but I guess I'll get used to it again.


  1. What a lucky girl to have such a talented mother, the cushion is smashing! And I have to offer you my congratulations, how lovely that your daughter has found a flat, we can't shift our sons! The younger is coming to live with us after university so he can save money! The elder comes home every weekend! And as my little one is only five I'll be using a zimmer frame before I'm child free!
    I hope your daughter is settling in happily and you had a safe journey home! Jude x

  2. Ha! They never really leave, do they? I admire anyone who has the energy to do it all again just as the older ones are flying the nest.