Thursday, 15 September 2011

My Dolls House

I always wanted a proper doll's house and having two girls was a good excuse to indulge.  The first one I did was a simple kit from The Dolls House Emporium that I put together for eldest girl's 3rd Christmas. As it had to be done in secret in the garage when she had gone to bed it wasn't painted very well, but she loved it anyway!
Several years later I got the bug again and did a bigger one for youngest girl, followed by a better one for eldest girl with a tea shop on the ground floor.  I then decided that what I really wanted was one of my own so I had a double fronted one made with a shop that (one day) will be an interiors/ vintage/ quilts type emporium.  Here it is after the first undercoat.

After painting, sanding and re-painting all those walls and Georgian windows I sort of lost the will to live! and there it sat in my workroom for a few years while I got on with sewing and Other Things.
Anyway, last year I decided to have another go and made the chimney breasts, did all the flooring, skirting, cornicing and painted the rooms pretty colours.  I took out the stairs and put dummy doors at the back which give the illusion of more rooms.

The outside has been painted pale pink and blue, but I still need to do the roofing and think of a name for the shop!

There's still a lot left to do, like fitting lots of lights and "glazing" the windows, but then I can do the fun stuff, like making curtains and painting furniture.  One day, when I get bored of sewing, crochet, gardening and everything else, I'll pick it up again.  Be warned, don't get hooked on the miniatures hobby unless you've got lots of time, patience, space and deep pockets!!


  1. How lovely! And what great fun to have such a delightful interest.

  2. This is just gorgeous!!
    Males me want to go and pull all the tiny Dora the Explorer dolls, dinosaurs, bits of clay and assorted odd toys in my youngest dolls house, and start decorating myself!!!

  3. *makes me, not males me!
    sorry for my atrocious spelling

  4. Wow, it's beautiful. It's very similar to the one we bought for Eleanor from the Dolls House Emporium which is still languishing in it's box waiting to be put together. In retropect, I think we'd have been better buying something smaller for our first attempt then we may not feel quite so daunted. There's some gorgeous furniture and bits and pieces for them, but they can be very expensive.

  5. Hi there,found you through 4 lil girls,I love your blog and the dolls house is gorgeous,We bought one for our daughter a few years ago and i play with it more than here!I ve just become your latest follower,going for another nosy round!take care,love julie.xxxx

  6. You're right Jo, it can be expensive, especially things like lights and trimmings. Most of the furniture I've got so far has been quite cheap stuff that I've re-painted and the beds were made from kits which was fiddly but quite satisfying!