Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New sofa

With the rubbish weather making it feel very autumnal, I've been thinking about the long months spent indoors and decided on a long overdue re-vamp of our living room for a start.  When you live with something   you tend not to notice how scruffy it's getting until you look at an old photo to remind yourself.  This was a few years ago, pre Lottie!

We've got two of these Laura Ashley sofas. The other one has had it and needs chucking out, so I'm going to move the cream one and replace it with a nice new sofa.  It needs to be fairly "Lottie proof" though as she spends a lot of time sprawled along the back, watching out of the window!  Or jumping about on it when she sees rabbit/cat/squirrel outside :(

I've got a few old blankets that I use as throws, but seem to spend all my time straightening the cushions, so I'm thinking something with a fixed back would be more practical.  Like this one from Sofas & Stuff

Or this from Sofa Workshop

Or this one from Sofa.com

Just wondering how comfy they are? but I guess with a few scatter cushions they would be fine.  Any comments would be welcome before I go trekking round the showrooms.  I can't wait to go and choose fabric and get some new cushions and throws!  

I'm off to sort the fire out for tonight. Definitely feels like winter's coming already.


  1. Lottie is so cute, love that picture with her paws hanging over the back of the sofa. I think I like the one from Sofa Workshop best, but you're limited with your colour scheme then. The other two are nice too though.

  2. I love the second one, actually its really beautiful, would love it in my own sitting room, my three seater is being supported by books after a lively teen deciced to use it like a trampoline a few years back, its just not priority right now though, but sofa workshop would def have my order :)
    Hows your ankle holding up
    Karen x

  3. Hello Just discovered your blog. I like the pattern red one because of the colour.

    Leah x

  4. Thanks for your comments. I like the second too, though I would choose different fabric. Something a bit more neutral. The ankle's fine, just really itchy where the wounds are healing!