Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Blanket Ta-Dah!

So I finally finished my latest blanket and I absolutely love it!  Well, the ends haven't been woven in yet and I'm not sure whether to do a border yet, but it's good to get it looking like a proper blanket.  It's not as big as I'd planned but at about 3 x 3 1/2 feet it's big enough to snuggle under on the sofa or lay on the end of a bed.  The cream double crochet joins and edging really give it a lift and lighten the whole colour scheme.

It was very difficult to photograph today. Either too dark or too bright, but I hope it gives an idea of how lovely and soft and cuddly it is.  I think I used about 1/2 a ball of each colour, some were very alike so they only got used for 2 or 3 squares rather than 5.
In case you're interested, these are the yarns I used.  They are all machine washable 100% wool or merino DK.  Some of the colours are now discontinued but there's plenty of similar ones out there. 

Going from left to right

Row 1;   Artesano Superwash Merino       Hot Pink, Baby Green, Baby Pink, Baby Lavender, 
                                                                Baby Teal.
Row 2;  James C Brett Pure Merino          PM15,  13,  1,  2.
Row 3;  Sublime Extra Fine Merino           Alabaster (Joining and border), Limone, Redcurrant, Souffle,
                                                               Grape, Blueberry Pie.
Row 4;  Debbie Bliss Rialto                      Pale Blue, Salmon, Raspberry, Buttermilk, Baby Lilac.
Row 5;  Rowan Pure Wool                       Geranium, Tea Rose, Glacier, Gilt.
Row 6;  Biggan Design                             Gentle Green, Lime, Jacaranda.
             Patons Dreamtime                        Lemon
             Cascade 220 Superwash              Coral (827)

I loved all these yarns, especially the James C Brett ones which I hadn't used before. It is beautifully soft and silky.  The Biggan Designs wool comes in a huge range of colours, though I found them a bit bright and felt quite oily. I suppose this must be the natural lanolin.  Patons wool was used for the colour, but I'm not keen on this one, being a bit "harsh" and scratchy.

I think my next project will be something smaller!  Maybe cushions or perhaps some bunting that I can finish fairly quickly.  Now I'd better start weaving in those ends.

Ooh, nearly forgot. There's a great giveaway over on Wink's lovely blog. Pop over now and check it out.


  1. Hello! Your blanket is gorgeous! I was surprised to read that the yarns were from lots of different manufacturers ...you mixed them together so well! Nice to see some feedback on the yarns too. A great Ta-dahh altogether! :)x

  2. Wow, it's fabulous. I love the double crochet joins and edging. I don't think it needs a border as it already looks finished off, so it is just down to personal taste if you want to do one or not.

  3. It is beautiful. The double crochet join gives it a real framework.

  4. It's magnificent! Coloricious! You must be very proud!

  5. Its one of the most beautiful blankets i've seen. Perfect!!!
    Karen x

  6. I LOVE this blanket!!! The cream borders really lighten it up - perfect choice! And what a cool idea to use dc's for the joining :)
    ps Thank you so much for using my giveaway button! :)

  7. Your blanket is stunning!!!
    Beautiful colours!!!

  8. Gosh! What a beautiful blanket. It looks perfect for snuggling on the sofa with a good book, and a glass of wine. How cosy.

  9. That is such a beautiful blanket! I love the colour combinations, and using double crochet for joining makes it look so perfect. Have a great week.
    Helen x

  10. WOW what a beautifully simple but stunning design! I ADORE the white joining lines running around the squares, thats absolute genius...makes the other colours looks so much more colourful somehow.
    Your blog is a treasure....just added you to my bloglist, been meaning to do it for ages but kept forgetting.
    Lots of love to you

  11. That's just lovely. I'm very tempted by it myself. I've been stashing a load of sublime merino for a blanket for myself. This is a fab pattern. But the colours I have are all quite dark, I wonder if it will look drab...

  12. This blanket is so beautiful! You must be so pleased with it! x

  13. Love your blanket but how did you choose the colours? They are beautiful together - not sure I would choose so well.

  14. I love this colour scheme and pattern