Monday, 3 October 2011

First bedroom blitzed

Not sure why I had to pick the hottest week of the year to do this, but I've just got the urge to get on and do some major tidying and sorting out now the girls are away.  It's pretty difficult to keep things looking good when they're here and the most that usually gets done is a quick hoover of the bits of carpet that are visible and the odd change of bedding!
Anyway, after all the old computers were removed, tatty shelving units relocated to the garage, and various bits of camping gear put in the shed, I was able to pull everything out and really clean the place properly.  It's a quirky shape room, which limits the furniture layout a bit, but I think it looks good now I've re-arranged the bed and made a bit of space.  This is one corner.

I'm going to "prettify" the bed with some new bedlinen.  Maybe Cath Kidston.  I love buying new bedding. It always feels like such a treat!  
Having a day off to catch up with the ironing and then it's on to the next bedroom.  Hope the weather cools off a bit soon.


  1. I'm ironing today, but needed a break, great to see others busy with housework too!
    New bedlinnen is always a treat, the room looks lovely.

  2. Lovely, so fresh & clean & bright.
    Wish my daughters rooms could look like that :/
    Have a lovely week
    Karen x

  3. It looks lovely. I wish I could get motivated to have a proper sort out.

  4. So now I'm just feeling envious!!
    I know that I really must do the same. I love having a big clear out. It's such a cathartic process, isn't it?!!
    Have a fab week.

  5. There's nothing quite like a sort out is there, so refreshing! New bed linen, how WONDERFUL! And Cath K bed linen, even more wonderful! Love Vanessa xxx