Monday, 31 October 2011

Getting Shirty! A new quilt.

Many moons ago, when I first fell in love with quilts and decided to start collecting fabric to make them, I began with old shirts and worn out clothes, firstly from hubby's wardrobe! then charity shops, car boots etc.  This built up into quite a big stash which has come in handy over the years, but a few months ago I decided that I had far more than I would ever use and decided to start thinning out the piles and cutting them up to make bundles (like jelly rolls) to maybe sell.  I've just about finished but need to sort out an etsy shop, which knowing my lack of technical know-how may take a while!

In the mean-time I've used the smallest bits to make 5" squares and then made lots of 1/2 square triangles.

 I played around with the design and have settled on a pinwheel pattern that I'm really happy with.  I love the fact that all the fabrics are recycled and well worn, giving it that homely "Little House on the Prairie" look.  As it's not too big I'm going to try and finish this one, using one of the girls' bedroom floors to spread out the backing and wadding.  Off to start joining the squares.

A couple of pic's of the garden.  Was hoping the sun would come out but decided to take them anyway before all the leaves fell off!


  1. Real nice, love the shirt fabrics, such a great idea :D
    Karen Xx

  2. The quilt looks fantastic, I love patchwork but only ever buy, I'd never have the patience to make, so I am very impressed.

  3. Everything about this post speaks to me. Love the photos and love the quilt ideas.

  4. love the quilt a great idea using shirt fabric and your garden looks lovely I am definitely going to plant some dahlias for next year
    xx fee

  5. The quilt is going to look lovely, what a great idea using old shirts. You have some gorgeous autumnal colour in your garden.

  6. Love the shirting! I often find myself browsing the mens shirts in charity shops, I love the softness of worn/well washed cotton and keep thinking I would love to do something creative with all that Manly Softness!
    You've done yourself proud with this design, ti's lovely!

  7. Hello Miss S. - can't find an email address for you anywhere (have you considered activating your email in your blogger account so folks can email you back when you comment?) so have dropped by to say hello. Loving your beautiful autumn garden photos and that crochet rug is amazing. Crochet is kind of my nemesis, I've never figured it out, so I am always in awe of those who have. The colours are just beautiful!

  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments. I hadn't really thought about adding my e-mail. Does anyone know if there's a way of doing it through blogger for privacy reasons?