Friday, 14 October 2011

More Hooky

I'm confined to the kitchen again today, while the front door and patio doors are done.  It's all looking very nice, but of course now the window sills are looking like they need re-painting.  I really don't want to start decorating again.  How on earth do you do it with a dog in the house that's bound to end up knocking over the paint tin or getting it all over herself?  Plus once you start, then the skirting, cornice and doors would all need doing too!  
Think I'll stick with the "shabby" look a bit longer :)

I had a hunt through internet land and ordered a ball of the Cascade wool in Coral from Here.  I wasn't sure at first if it was a bit bright, but now I absolutely love it.  A really pretty creamy orange that adds a bit of "zing". The balls are 100g, so are quite good value at £7.49 and it is beautifully soft and lovely to work with.
Here's where I am today, adding the next rounds.

I've been thinking about colours and why we all have our favourites. The ones that we come back to time and again.  I think for me, it's the ones that remind me of flowers, particularly beautiful mixed summer borders.  Maybe that's why I never feel happy with dark blues, brown,  mustard,  etc because you just don't get flowers in those shades.  Just a thought!

I'll leave you with a couple of pic's I took this morning from our landing.  I never tire of the view from here and when there's a pink sky it's stunning.


  1. Beautiful colors, the blanket will be stunning, but then all your blankets are lovely :D
    Have a wonderful weekend Karen x

  2. What a fantastic view, you are fortunate!

  3. What a view!!
    Beautiful colours.
    Love your woolly colours. It's funny, I find myself drawn to the same colours, too. I seem to veer towards rainbow brights!

  4. your blanket is coming along lovely I love all the colours and you have an amazing view what a beautiful sunrise
    xx fee

  5. Lovely view and lovely crochet! Like you I like colours that remind me of mixed flower borders too, they always seem to work well together, as in nature, and look fresh and pretty. Your blanket is looking gorgeous.
    Helen x

  6. Loving the colours for your blanket, really beautiful! You look very organised with all the colours and piles of squares ready to go, must try and get a system like this going when I crochet too. :)Jules x