Sunday, 16 October 2011

New bookcase

My latest e-bay find came yesterday and I'm thrilled with it!  The chap said it had been in a shop, but I'm not sure if he meant as part of the shop fittings.  It's been re-painted a very pale grey, though it looks white and fits the space just right.  

I've spent the day sorting out my piles of books and deciding which ones to put in there.  All the sewing/ quilting ones have stayed in my workroom, and cookery ones in the kitchen, but the gardening, interiors, crochet, and other random ones have gone in.  I made myself get rid of quite a few paperbacks and ones I know I'll never look at again and now I've still got some shelf space to fill :)
Not sure what to use the cupboards for. Maybe storing my spare wool, and I might use a drawer for seeds and catalogues.
I think the keys in the doors need some pretty tassels or something so I'm off to see what I can find!


  1. Oh how amazing!
    It looks beautiful - what a gorgeous and useful piece of furniture.
    I have serious bookcase envy!
    Have a great week.

  2. wow that furniture is going to be so useful it looks great, what a find
    xx fee

  3. What a beautiful addition to your living room!!

    Have a lovely new week,


  4. Wow, it is really perfect in that space.