Saturday, 8 October 2011

This and That

The garden has been very neglected recently and is next on my "to do" list, but the dahlias are looking amazing.  I haven't been picking many for the house, but as long as they are dead-headed they'll keep going 'till the frosts.  I think they seem to have bigger flowers when left on the plant anyway so for now I'm enjoying seeing them from the kitchen.  Here's a bit of a flower-fest to brighten up the day!

The bedroom tidying has gone well.  Youngest girl didn't want me to change anything or "prettify" it, not really sharing my love of all things flowery, haha!  Anyway, I gave it all a thorough clean and just generally got all the stuff off the floor.  Both rooms have got big walk in cupboards in the eaves, but I'm going to have a break before I tackle them!

I left the old duvet near the front door ready to throw out and guess who decided it was a great dog bed!  Ironic, since she's always turned her nose up at proper dog beds, preferring the sofa, or if no-ones looking, our bed!  I decided to cut it up to make some doggie size duvets which she seems to approve of. 

Just need to make some covers that I can remove for washing.  I've got an old duvet cover that is just the job.
I also made one for the floor in the vain chance she might use that sometimes!  I cut the cover off and cut a strip of filling about 1/3 the width and then folded it in 3, like this

Then I re-used the cover, sewing all round and trimming with pinking shears to make a nice comfy bed.

Hopefully it might keep her off our new sofa!


  1. Your dahlia's look lovely! I was amazed at the varieties you have in your garden...and all those colours. Now that I have seen your photo's I plan to put in more bulbs next year.

    Wish you a happy weekend!


  2. Our greyhound has two duvets one upstairs and one down, but he still prefers the sofa!
    The flowers are lovely,

  3. Oh to be able to grow flowers like that! I can barely keep ivy going. You have a gift!

    Dogs on the floor? That's a novel idea. My own dog would sniff at that and raise her snout. Crazy dog. But that new bed does look quite cozy!!!

  4. What a wonderful dahlia display, so many varieties and colours. I've managed a tidy up of my daughter's bedroom too, just the cupboards to tackle now. Archie's dog bed was the biggest waste of money ever, he's never been it preferring the sofa, but you've done a great job with the duvet, perhaps something similar might tempt him. I love your new sofa.

  5. ho sorry I dint get tome to say hi yesterday when I found your lovely blog .This post is such a coincidence as last week a friend was showing me her doggie bed shed made using old duvets and I had planned to make one when I can get into the attic to get the duvet.
    Love how your dog stretches out on the sofa she is really comfy there isn't she
    xx fee

  6. Your dahlias are stunning! I love all the beautiful colours you can get dahlias in, I'm hoping for a good display this year, hope they look as good as yours! Have a lovely day, :)jules

  7. Our two rescue cats also have old duvets made into their own bedding, they wash really well in the machine, it's so easy to keep bedding smelling sweet.