Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A bit of decorating

Ok, so I know it's still November, but I felt like decorating the dining room a bit to make it feel more seasonal.  I love adding the decorations to the light fitting every year and always feel sad taking them down again. I'm going to look for some bits to leave up all year this time.
The little wooden train comes out every year, This is it's 29th outing! It's lost a wheel and a couple of candles broke off, but I don't care, it means Christmas to me so it's always the first thing to go up!
The fairies on the twigs are from Halinka's Fairies and they're too lovely to put away, so they've been sitting in my workroom all year.

Not much else going on at the moment. Just moved a few baskets and lamps around and re arranged some piles of blankets. The Fortnum's hamper was a lucky find at the local tip a few years ago and is handy for more blankets and cushions.

Really looking forward to the girls coming home again for Christmas. It seems a long time since they last left.
Now I really need to get on with some more present shopping.



  1. I love the center piece with the twigs and berries, it is so beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful home you have.. I love the ribbons and drops on the centre light and I have serious blanket envy! :)x