Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Garden dreaming

The sun looked like it would make and appearance today so I planned to carry on tidying the veg plot, but it felt so cold and miserable outside the plans changed.  We've done about a three quarters of it but the worst beds are still to be done. It looks so grim this time of year, but it won't be long before spring's here and everything will look fresh again!

The only things flowering at the moment are some snowdrops and periwinkle

My day was much improved though by the arrival of the latest Sarah Raven catalogues in the post.  Always a feast for the eyes, full of lovely photo's. I've already ordered some lilies and gladioli from other places, but I'm tempted by the purple poppies and lots of the veg. She even makes runner beans sound good.  I never used to like them, I think because we had them so much when I was young, but might give them a try this year.

I found these obelisks while browsing through Pinterest and decided they are just what I need for the sweet peas. There's a good article with all the instructions Here and hubby has volunteered to make me some!  Think it's probably an excuse to buy some more tools!, but I'm sure they'll work a lot cheaper than the ones sold in the fancy garden centres.   

Just need to decide on a colour.  I'll probably use Cuprinol Garden Shades, maybe lavender or beaumont blue?  Hmmm... decisions..


  1. Oh what an exciting time - planning the garden! It's lovely that you were able to find a couple of beauties blooming amongst the rest. As for the obelisks - it's awesome that Hubby can put some together for you. They'll be even more special! My vote is lavender :)
    Happy planning!
    Sarah in Virginia, USA

  2. I love this time of year, planning the garden and waiting to spring in to action as soon as the weather warms up. I never liked any kind of beans until I got the allotment, now French beans are one of my favourite veg. I'm trying broad beans for the first time this year. I hated them as a child but I think it's time that they got another chance. The obelisks will look lovely smothered in sweet peas. I never got round to sowing any last year and really missed them, so I must make sure I start some off soon.

  3. Such a pretty garden! Love the red obelisks too. How pretty they will look with sweet peas growing up them ♥

  4. your garden is beautiful, even at this time of year. I love your new header too. I've been in bed with a migraine today and have really enjoyed having your little lavender pillow on my eyes x