Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pheasants in the garden

Hello, I hope you're having a good weekend and welcome to my recent followers. I seem to have acquired a few new ones recently, which is lovely.

I've been trying to get some photos of the pheasants that have been hanging out in our garden recently but these two seem a bit shyer than normal and refuse to come any closer to the house, probably because of Lottie, despite the bread I keep throwing out the window!  This is the best I could get with my zoom lens.

We usually get them around this time of year.  Escapees from the local shoot, they are attracted to the neighbours' gardens who have hens for the food, and they often stick around for months.  I've dug out some pic's from previous years as they are so beautiful. It's like having pets without any of the responsibility! 

This was a really tame one that would almost feed out of our hands.

This gorgeous green one was my favourite.  He would use the guinea pig hutch outside our window as his perch to call for the ladies!  There were a few females around and I found one with loads of chicks nesting under the rhubarb one spring. They ended up disappearing  into next door's garden but they were so sweet!

Have a good weekend


  1. I've never seen a pheasant like the dark one before - there are quite a few roaming round the fields behind us and last winter one came right up to the french windows, I think the bird feeder droppings lured them in. The look so exotic don't they.

  2. How fantastic - getting this close to pheasants! The males are so handsome - such a fantastic array of colours!

  3. Wow, what an amazing site to have in your garden. How lovely. And those snowdrops!

  4. What amazing birds you had in your garden! Such a beautiful sight!!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  5. Just to let you know that I am passing the 'Versatile Blogger' Award on to you - it is for a recently discovered blog that you thoroughly enjoy reading. Pop over to my blog at for more details. Congratulations on an entertaining blog.

  6. This is a beautifu blog , lot of inspiration and love.Love because I can tell you love all the nature , crafting and animals.I hace a wipped an Italian greyhound dog , he is one of my baby , the other one passed , very hard moment.
    I love your crochet and all the pictures.Congratulations and have a wonderful week.


  7. Pheasants have such beautiful markings, don't they? My mum and dad used to get them in their garden before they moved.

  8. They are lovely, and I do admire you. If I had them in my garden I'd be very tempted to put them in the pot, they are still just in season! Jude x

  9. Your photos of pheasants are outstanding and I love your vegetable garden.
    Sarah x