Thursday, 26 January 2012

Woolly bits and bobs

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post.  I've spent a few days trying out different ideas for joining the squares and decided to stick with the double crochet (U.S. seam on the front but in a colour rather than cream. Of course this meant getting out ALL my balls of wool and dithering about which one to use. I'd almost decided on the Artesano merino in baby pink but then found a ball of Rico essentials merino in a similar shade that seems to work better for joining, being a bit finer, so the seams are a bit flatter.  Not a very clear photo but the Rico is on the left.

While I had all my wool out I decided to have a good sort out!  All the little odds and ends were chopped up and put in a bird feeder for them take for their nests. How pretty does that look!  They'll have the cosiest nests in the neighbourhood :)

Some of the colours I'm not keen on got bagged up for the charity shop and the rest got sorted into colours and put into some new drawers.  It feels great not to have it all stuffed in different bags. All the shade charts got put in a new folder to make it easier find what I'm looking for.  I do love getting organised :)

Bye for now.


  1. What a great way of storing your yarns! Isn't crochet a wonderful way to create? If I don't have something on the go, something is missing!

  2. wow - I have yarn envy & storage envy looking at your post :-) but agree that its a lovely way to store your yarn.


  3. Your organising skills are an inspiration - there must be a gene and sadly I have only a remnant of that gene. The blanket is gorgeous.


  4. Oh lovely! I am loving your dollhouse. Can we see the inside?

  5. What pretty organization! Your yarn is lovely to look at and easy to find!

  6. Oh wow! You have so much lovely yarn! It looks so pretty organised into the different colours... Gorgeous!

    Ashley xxx

  7. I need to go and buy some new drawers now! You have really inspired me and I love love love the blanket under the drawers! xxx

  8. The blanket is going to look so pretty when it's all finished. I love how you're storing your stash, mine is just shoved in bags, I really should take a leaf out of your book. I've been saving all my ends for the birds too but was going to save them till spring when they'll be nest building. Do they still feather their nests at this time of year?

  9. This may be a silly question, but when you dc seam so its on the front, are you going through the whole stitch, or just front loops? I'm am about to seam a blanket soon and am considering this method!

    1. Hi Emily. The way I've done it is to put the squares back to back and go through the top "outside" loops. This leaves the other ones to make a line either side of the seam which looks quite neat. Hope that helps. xx

  10. I do like all your crochet but I love this birdfeeder idea. I brush the dogs in the garden and leave the hair for the birdies and have found them actually worked into the nests when I was cleaning out the bird houses.