Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Quilt Progress

I decided on the first layout for the log cabin quilt, though I might have to make some of the others in different fabrics!  The back is a cream and blue spriggy fabric that I thought went well and the binding is a lovely soft brushed plaid that gives it a country feel.  I've quilted it on the diagonal and once inside each block, and I'm really happy at how it's turned out.

I did try quilting  in the ditch up and down and then side to side, but wasn't happy with the way it kept puckering towards the end of each row, so ended up undoing it all and starting again. Thank goodness for seam rippers!  My machine is usually pretty good at avoiding that thanks to the dual feed system, so not sure what was going wrong there?

Here's another bit of my room.  I would love a bigger workspace really but I'm happy with my sewing space. The machine lives in a Horn sewing cabinet that stays open and the desk next to it gives me a big flat surface to work on.  I love that the sewing level is flush with the table, the only slight drawback being that as it's a bit lower than it would otherwise be I can end up with a stiff neck if I sew for too long!  Has anyone else got one of these?  Do you find it comfortable?

Just need to hand sew the binding on the back now.



  1. I just adore this quilt. And you have a lovely sewing set up. What a pretty needle case! Deb.

  2. Its really looking beautiful, was quilting also today, doing some free motion on a really big quilt.....NEVER AGAIN!!!!
    Can't wait to see yours finished
    Lol Karen x

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog the cupcakes were very yum
    me and my mom made them and the valentines day treats on her blog
    love Ella xxxx

  4. Wow! What fantastic progress! I love the blue and white backing as well as the patchwork front!

  5. Oh my God! Much work! Wonderful!
    Beautiful your work space, facing the windows! =)

  6. I love how you hairclip the binding into place. I'll have to remember that!!

  7. I just love your skill and your passion. These photos are wonderful they evoke for me a picture of you Debbie as some one dedicated, patient and so creative, love it:~)

  8. Lovely! My goodness, didn't realise those cabin blocks are so tiny. Love the hairclip idea. I can see how you would need a set up like that for quilting. If I ever get round to making my quilt I'll have to quilt it on the kitchen table.

  9. Just noticed your lovely needle book :) Have you made that with wool felt?

    1. Hi, No I didn't make it. It was from Cath Kidston :)

  10. Hello! I have a gift for you in my blog!
    Kisses =)

  11. That is a brilliant idea to use those little hair clip thingies to hold the binding in place.