Saturday, 10 March 2012

In the Garden

It's been a bit of a frustrating week.  In typical "sod's law" fashion, no sooner had I decided to get on with making things for my etsy shop, my sewing machine decided it didn't want to play :(  The tension has been a bit off for a while and it started breaking the top thread so I had to give up and find someone to service it.   It's not being picked up till Monday, so I've been at a bit of a loss on what to do.  I just managed to join some squares for a little doll quilt so I might have a go at hand quilting that.

Next, I dug out the pile of fabrics that I bought last year and gave them a wash, ready to use. 

The last few days have felt really spring like, so I've been in the garden attempting to tidy up a bit. The border round the veg plot has been edged and tidied and I've sown a couple of rows of broad beans.  The greenhouse is starting to fill up with trays of rootrainers and I've sown the first batch of dwarf and climbing French beans, and the sweet peas.  

I've just noticed the summerhouse roof!  The covering blew off in a storm a few months ago and it's still waiting to be repaired.  Another job on hubby's list :)

At the far end of the garden, past the veg plot is the "wild bit" that gets left to it's own devices.  It's just beginning to spring into life, but in a few weeks it will be covered in cowslips and primroses, followed by ox-eye daisies in the summer.  The couple of cooking apple trees should be covered in blossom soon too.  Best bit of the year I always think!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend


  1. beautiful fabrics for the quilt ;0)
    and such a lovely garden x

  2. Gorgeous doll quilt and those fabrics look so pretty and your garden looks amazing,this is a lovely time of year watching everything spring into life ,i love it xx

  3. Lovely little quilt! Your garden looks great! I wish that we had a bigger garden - it's more of a pocket handkerchief than a lawn!

  4. My... your lovely quilty blocks and bags are so fresh looking !!
    And your garden plans may entice me to try a bit of a potted garden this year... & your seed packet container looks brim-ful !!

  5. Gorgeous fabrics and lovely garden pics! Wish I had a garden to "potter" in!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. What a beautiful garden and lovely material.

  7. Sorry you haven't be able to get on with your sewing, but you looked very organised with your garden, it puts mine a bit to shame!
    Sarah x

  8. Beautiful fabric! :) And a wonderful garden, I love greenhouses, they seem to have a certain smell that reminds me of being a child and visiting my Nanny! :)

    Jerra x

  9. My garden is tiny and a complete mess, you put me to shame. Hope you get the sewing machine fixed soon, but at least today is glorious for gardening.

  10. Very pretty blog and garden, I love your header photograph - lovely pastel colours. Kristina

  11. What a big garden you have! That must be a lot of work. I believe we have the same green house. I can see you have already done more work than I have. I still have fill trays with seeds.

    Hope your sewing machine will be repaired soon. The doll's blanket looks lovely!

    Madelief x

  12. I "found" your blog today and became a new Follower. I love the photos in the recent posts.

  13. Loved your garden pictures, how gorgeous those trees must look when covered in blossom! You have been busy sowing seeds, I see, as well as sewing patchwork. Your quilt top looks lovely, such pretty fabrics. Hope your sewing machine is fixed soon and works perfectly for you from now on!
    Helen x