Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wild flowers in the Garden

Hello, I hope you're enjoying the lovely spring weather.  This time of year always sees me coming up with a new plan for the garden, which more often than not doesn't happen for various reasons! but I'm hoping this one will.  I was inspired by Sarah Raven's TV series "Bees Butterflies and Blooms" and last time I was at the garden centre I bought some packets of seed to scatter in our wild area to try and boost it a bit.  Then I had a brainwave of leaving more of the garden to do it's own thing and ordered a bigger pack of seeds from Nicky's Nursery that I'm going to sprinkle over the grass area on the left of the garden and see what happens!

I've marked it out roughly with canes, and I'll just leave that area unmown and hope some of the flowers germinate.  It's a gamble, with all the rabbits and pigeons but hopefully something will grow!  There's already lots of tiny violets around the apple tree.

and the primroses are opening at the end of the garden

I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes up and hope it encourages more wildlife into the garden.

I'll leave you with a picture of my lovely Mother's day flowers.  The girls couldn't make it home 
this year, being in the middle of exams and year end projects,  but it won't be long 'till Easter :)



  1. It is so much fun to hear about your gardening. Believe it or not, it is snowing at my house, and it snowed yesterday, and is supposed to snow once again tomorrow. But in my neck of the woods that isn't all that uncommon for the first part of spring. But I can hardly wait to get out and be able to do someg gardening. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it was nice of you to visit :) Your Mother's Day flowers are so pretty -- Have a happy day.

  2. What lovely photographs. Isn't this spring weather fabulous :-)

  3. I think a wild flower garden sounds lovely. I'm loving this sunshine and hope it lasts.

  4. Me gusta mucho tu blog me encántan tus colchas de ganchillo los colores que eliges son ideales,me alegro de ser tu seguidora.Un saludo desde España.

  5. I'm trying the same thing myself this year prompted by Sarah Raven's programme - I have seed packets at the ready - fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

  6. Beautiful flowers and very lovely daughters to have sent you flowers. Happy Mother's Day a bit late.

  7. Oh I hope this works out for you. It could be stunning! And I'm sure the bumble bees would love it too!

  8. P.s. I normally check your blog in the mornings on my phone so rarely leave a message to say hi (and thank you for your visual delights!)

  9. I'll be interested to see how your experiment works out. The violets are lovely, aren't you tempted to eat them?

    1. Hadn't really thought about eating them. Probably not a good idea with Lottie in the garden :(

  10. I shall look forward to seeing your seeds grow hope the pigeons and rabbits don't take all of them. Your Mothers Day flowers were beautiful.
    Sarah x

  11. Hi i just put a eBook up on Kindle "Starting a New Garden" Please check it out and let Me know
    Thanks Nick Brennan