Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Bit of DIY

Hello, just popping in to say how much I've loved seeing all the lovely Easter decorations and lovely flowers around blog land recently.  The tulips are still looking cheerful in the garden, though they're getting a bit battered with the rain showers.  I love these wonderful parrot types, they make me think of old Dutch paintings

Also been picking the first rhubarb of the season.  It's such a beautiful pale pink when it's been blanched.  What could be nicer than home made crumble :)

I haven't had time for any crafty-ness this week.  Hubby's got some time off and we decided to tackle the little cloakroom that has sat un-decorated and very un-loved for years.  It's long and thin and  we always intended to install a shower at one end, but just never got round to it! I decided we don't really need another shower, but we could really do with more storage space so that end is going to be filled with shelves and drawers.  Anyway, I've spent the week visiting all the bathroom and plumbing places  looking for slim basins and trying to find design inspiration!  Now comes the messy bit of taking out the old loo and basin and knocking down some of the wall in the arched bit.

Do you like the rather groovy basin?  Apparently it was designed for the Barbican development in the 1960's and won a design award.  I'm not sure what to do with it (and matching pink loo). I wonder if anyone would want it if I put it on e-bay?

Bye for now


  1. Oh yes, do put your sink on eBay - I think you might be surprised by the interest. I rather like it - it's quirky!

    I haven't had a rhubarb crumble in years. Partly because I don't have a sweet tooth but mostly because I cannot bear the smell of it when it's being cooked. Isn't that strange?

    Happy DIY-ing - I look forward to seeing your makeover results!!


  2. Yes I think you would probably get quite a bit of interest in your sink too! Good luck with the makeover, sounds like a lot of work but worth it for a shiny new cloakroom with lots of storage! Gorgeous tulips too - my mum had some of those ones when I went to visit last month - hers were awfully droopy though :D still pretty though! Jenny x

  3. LOVE those first 2 shots - beautiful

  4. You must put the basin on ebay, it's amazing! 've never seen anything like it before and I have spent many hours with my head in diy/renovation magazines! Looking forward to seeing the "after" photos x

  5. I can't wait until the rhubarb is ready here in my part of Canada. it's probably still a month or so off though. I can already taste a strawberry rhubarb pie in my future!

  6. Lucky you to have Rhubarb already! Mine is not big enough yet. Your crumble looks delicious!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  7. Your tulips are beautiful such lovely colours. We had a bath the same colour as your sink, I expect it will soon be back in fashion! We had rhubarb crumble tonight too, it's wonderful to be eating it again.
    Sarah x

  8. The tulips are so pretty! Good luck with the bathroom reno...that sink is almost too retro to replace :)

  9. gorgeous parrot tulips - they are quite weird aren't they?

  10. prachtig, ziet er heel mooi uit de bloemen.

    mmmm lekker eten

  11. Love those tulips AND the basin both very stylish and unique!