Monday, 16 April 2012

Doll quilt finished

I had a break from cloakroom planning and being the gofer and tidy-uper to spend a bit of time in my workroom finishing the little quilt I started a while ago. 

I love it now it's finished.  It's sweet and simple, my favourite type.
It's about 18" x 15" and backed with a pale pink leafy print. For the binding I chose a pink and white stripe that finishes it off nicely. 

I'm itching to start some new projects but my sewing machine is still playing up :(  I managed to finish this ok but the top thread kept snapping.  It's being picked up again today so hopefully it can be fixed. 

Now I'd better go and check the greenhouse.  Everything is growing away too fast!  I've had to re-pot the beans as it's much too early to plant stuff  out.  You would think I'd have learnt after all these years not to start things too early, but obviously not!



  1. I love this!
    I hope you get your machine troubles ironed out. My Bernina was acting up on Saturday and I hope it was just the thread I was using. We don't need machines that won't sew, do we!

  2. So pretty, I love your fabric choices!
    Victoria xx

  3. So gorgeous! Love the colour mix. Hope you get your machine sorted out. My top thread snaps sometimes but it's usually when I'm using a cheap thread. lol x

  4. Wow it's lovely and the colours are so pretty. I want to get one started soon but I keep mithering about what color to go with what so end up not doing anything.

  5. I love it, the fabrics are beautiful
    Karen xx

  6. Love it! I love how you are able to mix fabrics so perfectly! They are cotton candy and spring and shabby all rolled into one!

  7. What a beautiful quilt and the colours feel so summery. I love your pegs with the hearts too, where did you find them?

    1. Hi, sorry they were a gift so I don't know where they came from, probably a local gift shop.

  8. The lighting in the first shot is beautiful; perfect spring picture. Lovely work!

  9. It is gorgeous, the colors, lighting. So sweet.

  10. I wish I was as good at machining as you are - the quilt is beautifully finished.

  11. So nice! I love the colour! I love your blog!