Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More garden stuff!

Yes, I'm back with more garden and flower pictures!  It's that time of year when it's too lovely to be indoors, though it has turned chilly again this week.  While the weather was warmer we had balloons going over our garden a few times.  I bet it was still pretty cold up there though! 

Nothing happening with the wild flower seed I sowed yet.  You can just see the sticks with bits of foil I stuck all over the area to keep the pigeons away and it seems to have worked well.  It just needs a good downpour now.
We had a new fence put up at the end of the garden and I've got some cans of dark preservative to paint it with, but actually quite like it as it is.  It seems to reflect the light back and make the area much brighter.
The paths in the veg plot needed topping up, so we had a load of wood chippings delivered (free from a local tree surgeon). I made a start barrowing it through but there's a few more trips to go!

The plum tree is covered in blossom, hopefully there'll be a good crop again, though it is very old and diseased

The bluebells and whitebells seem to get earlier every year.  We've got a few patches round the garden, but I'm looking forward to seeing them in the local woods. 

There's also one solitary fritillary flower that pops up every year near the compost bins.  They usually like damp places, but I guess it's happy here as it's shady.

Last but not least, more tulips.  I love the ones with the red streaks. They always make me think of  raspberry ripple ice cream! 

Hope you have a lovely Easter break and don't eat too much chocolate :)


  1. Your garden looks amazing and i love all your flower pictures ,its such a lovelt time of year xxx

  2. Beautiful photo's of you garden! I look forward to see your garden grow.

    Happy Easter!

    Madelief x

  3. Gorgeous flowers and blossom. That fritillary flower is quite amazing and has such an unusual shape and colour. I've never seen one before. I have such a soft spot for bluebells and these captures are lovely. Beautiful flower bouquets in all your assorted jugs and jars!
    Happy Easter and enjoy the chocolate! Diets can wait till next Tuesday!

  4. I never tire of seeing the lovely pictures of your garden. Spring seems more advanced with you, our blossom and bluebells are still to come! Have a good Easter.
    Sarah x

  5. Such lovely pictures! I am especially keen on the fritillary - keep meaning to get one as I so adore its chequered beauty! We really have been blessed with some fab weather in Hampshire recently - though I also hate missing out when other parts of the country are getting snow!

  6. Your garden looks so beautiful, especially with the hot air balloon floating above... I've been out in ours today too but at the moment it is just bare soil as we are trying to decide what to do with it! Happy Easter to you too, hope you have a lovely weekend x

  7. It has been raining here for two days solid - I know we need rain but to be stuck indoors again after that lovely sunshine is too much to bear. You certainly have plenty of choice flowers to bring indoors to display.

  8. Your photos are excellent. Can I just ask how you achieved the blurred effect in the background? Was this a camera setting or did you use an editing effect? I've recently bought a new camera and have been trying to achieve this look without much luck. Hope you didn't mind me asking.

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks for the comment. I usually use my DSLR camera with either a 50mm lens or a 60mm macro lens and tend to leave it set on the aperture priority setting. Then I'll experiment with different apertures depending how far away I am. I think most of the flower ones here were f2.8 which gives a very shallow depth of field. I've got Photoshop Elements but only use it to crop and sometimes brighten the pictures if they're a bit dark. I've never got round to learning how to use the rest! Hope that helps xx

    2. Thanks very much I'll have a go. I have element too but not used it that much yet. P x

  9. I'm inspired to do more gardening!

  10. Gorgeous garden pictures! I love the garden layout, and seeing those sweet fresh spring flowers. I look forward to seeing the seeds grow too!
    Wishing you a Happy Easter.
    Helen x

  11. I love the look of woodchip for paths and what a lovely arrangement of spring flowers! Happy Easter x

  12. You are just so much ahead of us gardening wise. My tulips are just out of the ground a few inches, and still a couple of weeks away from blooming. Yours are so pretty! And I love the little arbor that you have around the gate going into your garden --- very nice! I hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  13. Did you get any plums? This year for the first time in fourteen years we have not a single plum so no jam or chutney this year from those plum trees.