Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Bit of Gardening

It was great to finally be able to enjoy a bit of gardening yesterday after being cooped up indoors for ages due to the miserable weather.
Predictably the only thing that's really doing well are the weeds that have sprouted everywhere, so I did some hoeing, but the soil is so damp it wasn't easy!
The first lot of mangetout peas I sowed in the guttering got planted out.  I'm trying Shiraz (T&M)  this year, the first purple variety apparently.  We have a big problem with wood pigeons here, there are far more than a few years ago and last year they stripped the leaves off my newly planted peas overnight, despite the forest of sticks I hid them in.  I've covered this lot with netting which looks awful but I can't think what else to do.  I'd love to know what other people do to keep the b***ers off!

In the next bed the first row of broad beans (Witkiem Manita) are growing away and I sowed another row yesterday.
The fennel is looking lovely and fresh. It does self seed everywhere, but I love it for adding some height to the garden

In the greenhouse everything is coming on well.  The climbing beans, (Borlotti and Cosse Violette) have had to be re-potted with canes as it's still too early to plant them out.  Last year I thought it was ok then we had a frost in the middle of May that killed them off.  The dwarf ones survived with some little tunnels and lots of fleece over them, but I didn't manage to protect the climbers well enough and had to start again.

The courgettes and squashes are doing well, and the sweet peas are getting pretty big.  The only disappointment this year is the tomato seeds "ildi". Only a couple have germinated out of about 6 but the Gardeners Delight ones are doing ok so I'll just stick with them.

Elsewhere in the garden the apple trees are starting to blossom

And the cowslips are loving the wet weather.  

The birds are all busy finding food for their young.  I found this eggshell on the grass, blackbird's I think. Such a beautiful colour.

Seems like we've had our bit of sunshine for a while.  It's chucking it down again.  Never mind,  I need to get on and paint the cloakroom now hubby has finished taking all the old stuff out and tidying it up.  The new basin and loo are ready to pick up so I should get on with it!



  1. I don't have a garden, so its lovely to see everything starting to sprout! As you say, the colour of the egg shell is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I love the pics of your garden and seeing how beautifully cared for it is. It's wet and windy here in Worcs too, but it makes everything so green and pretty. Summer will surely be here soon :-)

  3. Your garden looks beautiful and the greenhouse plants are gorgeous! I have to net EVERYTHING I grow and I think it's the only way to a good harvest! I've tried all sorts of other tricks (hanging CDs to scare the birds) but none of them work. Let me know if you find anything.... lol x

  4. I'm glad you managed to get out in the garden and get some jobs done, the rain has been frustrating when there are so many gardening jobs to do at this time of year. It was lovely seeing you photos and I will look forward to following your garden over the coming months.
    Sarah x

  5. I'll start off by saying that I love your new header picture - I guess all those tulips are in your garden - magnifico! My peas haven't been touched by the pigeons so far they are a darned nuisance I agree. Also your greenhouse is looking very tidy and lovely and full. If only it was warmer, then we could get some stuff planted out. It is so frustrating.

    1. Well, I did cheat a bit and use a photo from a few years ago. The ones I had in tubs this year were a bit of a washout and didn't have many flowers. xx

  6. Commiserations re pigeons - they totally decimated my savoy cabbages which had just struggled to survive the winter but then they started on the purple sprouting so I too resorted to an untidy tangle of netting. They didn't mangage to find the mangetout luckily. Your garden looks so much more organised than mine - keep up the good work it all looks fantastic.We had a lovely day here yesterday in Cornwall - I finally got round to painting our two sheds - but today it's tipping down - wonder what the Bank Holiday will bring?

  7. I love the header too, great combination of colours! My french beans have suffered after I've planted them out nearly every year. This year I've only had time to sow a few seeds so I will try the beans directly in the ground. x