Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spring in the Garden

Hello,  I hope you're having a good Easter weekend.  The sun is shining at last, though it's still quite chilly and the grass was white with frost this morning.   One place that's lovely and warm is the green house where the little fuchsia and streptocarpus plantlets that I ordered a few weeks ago have been living.  I've had the fan heater on  low, especially at night, so finger's crossed they'll be ok.

Everything in the garden is so late, but seems to be finally catching up.

We always have a pair of blue tits nesting in one of the boxes.  They must make hundreds of trips back and forth with nesting material and then food, and often have a second brood in the summer.  I hope there's enough grubs and caterpillars for them this year, it's been so cold and wet I'm sure there will be less around.

There's been a lot of goldfinches around too, collecting fluffy seed heads. They're so colourful, like they've been dipped in paint!  I managed to snap this one through the window.

Thank you for stopping by, and lets hope spring is really on it's way!



  1. Beautiful Spring pictures.

  2. Hermosas fotografías!! Pero esos no son son tan coloridos...un poco de amarillo... =)
    Feliz Pascua!!! Saludos

  3. I really hope that spring is on the way. Yesterday I had a lovely walk in the sunshine with the dog, but today is overcast and dull again. Have a lovely weekend. Jilly

  4. Spring is on the way, it is just taking it's time this year. Beautiful pictures.

    Happy Easter,

  5. We have lots of goldfinches - they are lovely birds - no wonder the Victorians kept them as cage birds - poor things! We're hoping that this year the blue its choose the box with a web cam installed.

    1. I hate seeing any birds in cages, it's so cruel :( Web cam sounds good, hope they choose it.

  6. Qué imágenes más bonitas me encánta tu invernadero.
    Saludos de Sara.

  7. I love the blue tit on the birdhouse and the single catkin on the twisted branches! Your greenhouse is looking good with things actually growing in it! Happy Easter!

  8. We have a lot of goldfinches here, too, but I haven't seen any starting nests yet. We've had a long winter and have started a cold spring so everything seems behind. I love the bird in your last picture. I've never that one here in the States. Happy Easter!

  9. Great spring pictures! I have to say, I'm a little envious - you have a green house. And a big one as it seems. Here in Austria it's snowing again today - and it's not going to get any better the whole week... This time last year I already had sown all kinds of vegetables and flowers. This year it's still too cold in the enclosed porch.

    Happy Easter and enjoy the sun!

  10. It feels like spring here on your post! Lovely photos, and your greenhouse looks so neat and organised as well as you having some plants in it - mine is sadly empty and neglected still!
    Lets hope for some warm weather soon!
    Gill xx

  11. It's sunny here too but still chilly. At least it's not raining - or snowing!! :o)

  12. I'm so ready for spring! I feel so sorry for the birds, it's so cold for them! :) x

  13. Beautiful Spring pictures, I'm hoping its on its way. I've still got snow in my garden and its v v cold. But it must end soon.....

  14. Love your nice blog and your bright pictures !

  15. Lovely photos - like the bird ones. Thanks for your comment on mine - hope that I won't be experiencing the same problem as before!

  16. Love all your terracotta pots - nice to see the greenhouse full of goodies.

  17. What beautiful pictures.You are obviously a little further on than we are up here in Staffordshire so it gives me lots to look forward to! Jane x