Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Garden Visit and Plant Fair

Despite the forecast of awful weather today I went along to the annual garden and gift fair at Farleigh Wallop and enjoyed a stroll round the wonderful gardens of  Farleigh House which were open for the day.  It was "blowing a hoolie" as the Irish might say! but the sun kept popping out and the rain stayed away till I got home.  Typical British summer then!

Anyway, this is the reason I love the place.  The beautiful greenhouse on one side of the walled garden. Isn't it fantastic?  There's not much happening in the veg beds yet, everything's a bit late this year, but it's just beginning to come to life.

Inside, it's a mix of exotics, cacti, succulents, pelargoniums and plants waiting to go out to the veg garden.  

The jasmine on the floor was scenting the whole place. They can be quite overpowering in a house, but was just right here.

I love this whale fountain in the rose garden.  When we came a couple of years ago the roses were all in bloom, but they're weeks behind this year.

This is very clever. A wave clipped hedge with floating metal seagulls.

It was a bit too busy to take photos of the plant and gift stalls, but I had to get a picture of the lovely old barn where most of them were.

The event will be moving to a new location next year but Farleigh House gardens are open again in June and September for the NGS.  Worth a visit if you're in the area.



  1. Thanks for the photos, it look like a really nice place to visit.

  2. What wonderful gardens. I will have to pay a visit when they are open again. I live near Winchester, so it's not too far.

  3. Oh...this brought back memories of last time I went (with Sarah & Ethan)...,must've been 2 years ago now..I could happily spend hours in that greenhouse:o)

    1. I think I'd be happy living there! xx

  4. Looks beautiful at Farleigh Wallop (what a name!) I'm loving the wave hedge with the seagulls x Jane

  5. Looks like a beautiful day and place to visit!! I always love going to gardens!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  6. What a gorgeous place top spend the day.

  7. I love Plantfairs. What a wonderful place!


  8. It all kooks gorgeous and that is one amazing looking greenhouse - not your average garden greenhouse! And Farleigh Wallop is a fantastic name!

  9. Its blowing a hoolie over here too!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That greenhouse is just beautiful, could wander in there all day.
    great photos
    Karen x

  10. Such pretty pictures, the wavy hedge with the birds is stunning what a wonderful idea. Sarah x

  11. It looks a great place to visit, so well kept, and lots of things to see. I love the hedge and seagull display, very clever, and the tree covered in blossom over the gate is dreamy.

  12. What a gorgeous environment - both inside and out!! I can see why you like spending time there!!

  13. What a stunning greenhouse! Looks like a fab garden to visit. I too love the seagulls and sea hedge.

  14. It looks fab & what a lovely name, I do like the photo of the metal seagulls in the hedge.

  15. What a lovely venue for a plant sale the gardens and grrenhouse look wonderful. I love the wave clipped hedge and the seagulls!
    Sarah x

  16. I've always lusted after a walled kitchen garden but that's as near as I will get to one!

  17. What an incredibly beautiful garden! And yes, I too love huge old greenhouses :)

  18. I agree with Annie a gorgeous garden to visit

  19. Looks a wonderful place to visit and potter around. The gardens are beautifully laid out, I love all the gravel paths, the different gardens leading on from one another and the clipped hedges, and the unexpected and quirky touches everywhere.And that wonderful greenhouse!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a good weekend whatever the weather - raining here :(
    Gill xx