Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Away With the Fairies!

No, not me. Not yet anyway!

Do you ever get the feeling that it would be nice to escape "real life" for a while and live in a different world.  I suppose that's the appeal of all those computer games and so on, though they've never appealed to me.  Dolls houses and miniatures are much more my cup of tea and I loved decorating mine and imagining how the people would live in it if it were real. 

It can be an expensive hobby though, and takes up a fair bit of room, so while pottering in the greenhouse a few days ago I decided to make a miniature garden, inspired by some of the amazing ones I'd found on Pinterest.  

Using a terracotta pot half filled with crocks and gritty compost and planted with a few alpines from the garden centre, I added a dwarf conifer and an odd succulent.  Some twigs made a tree and I raided the garden for some moss and lichen to fill in the gaps. The little bird house decoration looks just right and the wooden mushrooms were pinched from hubby's stash of turned "objects" that he didn't know what to do with :)  The path is gravel left over from our fish tank.  

I had great fun making this little fairy garden and am already planning another one with the plants that are left over.  You don't need to spend much. Nothing if you've got some suitable plants already. The fun is making things out of bits and pieces like twigs, nuts, bark, stones etc.  It adds to the charm if the scale is all wrong!  I might have a go at making a proper little house next and some tiny bunting.   Yes, I know I'm 50 not 5 but we all need a bit of escapism now and then!

What's going on with the weather? it was boiling this morning, but just trying to take some photos and the light's gone all weird!  Hope we get a storm, I love a bit of thunder and lightning  :)



  1. Truly very lovely and creative. Fantastic job. Love it. Hugs Judy

  2. I understand you completly. I'm too 50 and a bit and I like your little garden. It's much more better to do this than looking television and eat crisps!!

    I have a new little alpineum with plants from an alpin Nursery in Wales. And it was a fun do make this with my friend which is a gardener, a new little alpin world.


  3. Awe that took me back to when my children were at primary school, every year they entered a miniature garden into the local agricultural show. Fun times with little windmills and gnomes!
    V x

  4. 50 or 5 no matter, you do what makes you happy!! I for one love your fairy garden, and would love to be diddy enough to go visit there :) xx

  5. I love your little fairy garden! Yes, a mini bunting would look great in the second one!
    We're going through an impossible heat-wave here and walks have to be early mornings and at sunset! I too am looking forward to thunderstorms and a drop in temperatures.

  6. Your fairy garden looks really sweet!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Madelief x

  7. I love your fairy garden and I don't think it matters how old you are. It certainly made me think about what I have in my garden to have a go at making one.
    Sally x

  8. That is just too precious - love it! I took advantage of the sunshine this afternoon and got stuck into some weeding :-(
    I'm so envious of your green fingers..mine are a definite brown!
    Enjoy the rest of the week,

  9. Qué maravilla! Me encánta tu creación en miniatura.
    Saludos de Sara.

  10. Brilliant, when my girls were little we did a similar one....sometimes the fairies left them little messages to say thank you for creating such a lovely garden for them! ;) x

  11. Very clever Debbie you are so talented, and yes I am still around thanks for your comments, David

  12. Such a lovely, magical little fairy garden! I love the sweet little world you created.
    Helen x

  13. Oh that's just lovely. I love a little bit of make believe and this is so pretty.
    Patricia x

  14. I'd just like to say that age means nothing! :o) Your fairy garden is gorgeous and I cannot wait to see your next one, then the one after that, and the one after that! :o)

  15. I made a little fairy garden with my daughter last summer, and it has survived all seasons and has brought me smiles no matter the weather. And how excited was my little girl when she saw a wee bit of fairy dust on the path? ;) Make sure you sprinkle on a bit of glitter! Chrissie, perennially 5 and proud!

    1. Think my two are past the age of being excited by glitter :( Lovely idea though!

  16. Escapism is good for you. Cute little garden - brings back the magic of childhood imagination which is great!! I know the weather is bizarre isn't it?

  17. I once did the same thing and getting older isn't meant to stop you having fun!

  18. I'm in love not just with this exquisite fairy garden but with your way of thinking and imagination too.

    Blissful, frivolous escapism; just what I need right now :-)


  19. So cute. I love the little mushrooms and the gravel path.

  20. I love it it is adorable.

  21. Hi Debbie, this is just adorable, I did one last year but it wasn't half as have inspired me to try harder :0)
    Jacquie x

  22. It's so sweet!!!!
    I love all the little details, the arch, and the little flowers you chose are just perfect!
    I used to love making miniature gardens as a child, in an old biscuit tin, and had great fun a few years back when my daughter had to make one for school.
    So much more satisfying than computer games I imagine!
    Gill xx

  23. This is so gorgeous! I love your little miniature garden.
    M x

  24. I just love your little faerie garden, so beautiful.