Friday, 30 August 2013

Mottisfont Abbey

Youngest daughter and I decided to visit Mottisfont Abbey yesterday as she wanted to see the exhibition of original Winnie-the-Pooh watercolours by E.H. Shepard.  It was a lovely day out and well worth going if you love the books.  Photography wasn't allowed so I've used one of the images from the National Trust article Here

They've continued the Winnie-the Pooh theme with other activities for children and set up a sweet little tea table with food and woodland creatures knitted by a local craft group

I loved the cupboard full of Pooh's "hunny", and the bee mobile!

There was also a room full of wonderful automated toys

And some beautiful kites made by John Browning using skeleton leaves.

Daughter was flagging by now, so after some lunch we hitched a lift on the buggy along to the walled garden so I could have a quick look round.  I've been before when the old roses are in flower and it's a glorious place full of colour and scent.  Now they're over it has a different atmosphere, but still alive with butterflies and the scent of dried lavender.  The central borders are still full of colour, mainly blues and silvers.

Rose hips everywhere. 

And lots of huge pots of pelargoniums.

I hope you've enjoyed the little trip round Mottisfont.  If you want to see the exhibition it's on 'till 15th September.  It's a lovely place to spend the day with plenty to see in the house and the river Test in the garden.  Beautiful!

Enjoy the weekend

Friday, 23 August 2013

This Week

Hello!  I don't know if it's due to the weather cooling slightly but I suddenly felt like making a start on having a good old sort out.  Many bags have been filled with assorted stuff for the charity shop and I got ruthless with all the crafty bits and bobs that I know I'll never use.  Blankets and linens have been aired and tidied.  You have to be in the right mood for this, I find, but it is very satisfying.

I unearthed this bag of baby clothes, but can't bear to part with them.  All the other stuff went long ago, but these bring back lovely memories.  I came close to cutting some of the dresses up to make a quilt a few years ago, but changed my mind.  After a wash to freshen them up I've put them away for safe keeping again!  

The kitchen table is starting to disappear under boxes and bags of youngest daughter's stuff as she prepares to go back to Uni next week.  She's had M.E for a few years and reluctantly decided to take last year out and stay at home.  She's itching to get back after being stuck here with only us wrinklys to talk to!

The garden's putting on a final show of colour as everything starts to go to seed and fade away.

The apple and plum trees are laden with ripening fruit and I'm looking forward to lots of crumbles.

I hope everyone received their poppy seeds last week.  Let me know if they haven't arrived.  Maryvonne, can you let me know your address if you read this thank you.

Hope you have a good long weekend

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Poppy Seeds

Hello,  I hope you're enjoying your weekend and making the most of the lovely weather.  
I have been finding it hard to think of much to blog about recently.  I think the heat has sapped my mojo and days and weeks seem to pass with nothing very much to show for it.  I'm sure things will pick up again soon,  meanwhile I'm just enjoying watching the wildlife in the garden, like this Common Blue butterfly

and the bumble bees that spend all day foraging for nectar.  There seems to be at least 4 or 5 different types, including some with white bottoms, some with red.

I've also been collecting the poppy seed heads as they ripen.  I hadn't realised there were so many, but have a bowlfull of seed already.  Far more than I'll ever need, so if anyone wants some let me know your address and I'll send you some!  

I love the pods, they look great piled in a bowl together, so many different shades and fascinating shapes.
This is a picture from a few years ago and there were more in my post Here

Bye for now

Friday, 2 August 2013


It seems to be a good year for butterflies and bumblebees judging by the number enjoying our garden, especially the wild area.  They love the oregano and thistles at the moment and the echinops is a mass of bees.

Here's a few of my favourite butterfly pics, taken with the macro lens.
Whites, including Large, Small and Green-Veined.

Browns, including Gatekeeper, 

Meadow Brown


And Commas,  having a drink from a dish of water with a touch of agave nectar I found in the kitchen cupboard.  They seem to love it!

Finally, a Cinnabar moth caterpillar.  I had been pulling out some ragwort but missed a few bits.  The caterpillars take on the toxins from the plant, which protects them from being eaten, except by cuckoos strangely.  I have seen the black and red moth, but didn't manage to photograph it.

Not sure what the weather's doing today,  it started off rainy, but looks like it might turn hot again!
Hope you have a good weekend