Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fuchsias in the Greenhouse

Well, it feels like summer's winding down after a glorious few weeks of lovely sunshine.  As I write it's gone very dark and the heavens have opened at last.  I took the shading off the greenhouse this morning so the rain will give it a good wash.  It's still looking very pretty in there. I love all the different fuchsias, especially the white and pale pink ones.

The garden's looking pretty tired now.  I've been picking the gladioli, but seem to have lost my favourite dahlias and am left with mostly orange ones, which are a bit boring on their own!  
We've still got lots of courgettes but the runner beans didn't do much this year and the plants I picked up from the garden centre turned out to be very stringy :(

So, Strictly's back tonight.  Downton Abbey next week, and we've got a big pile of logs ready for the fire.
Roll on Autumn,  I'm looking forward to it this year.



  1. There is a little bit of sadness in saying goodbye to Summer, but like you I can't wait to truly hibernate through Autumn/Winter! Beautiful pictures Debbie. Bring on the Strictly sparkles x

  2. I love autumn and with the cosiness of the evenings (7.30pm and it is dark outside already!). We've started cleaning up the garden and the greenhouse as the flowers and vegetables were not their best this year so will start to prepare for the next.

    I love your dancing ballerinas! Fuchsias always remind me of them.

    Looking forward to the new series of Downton, just hope there are no shocks at the end!

    Have a great weekend. Chel x

  3. I totally agree - I was just thinking how they all look like ballerina's in the prettiest tu-tu's !
    I think Autumn will be welcomed happily this year because we don't feel like we've been cheated out of a summer.
    I've already bought my wool for my Autumn project.
    Kate x

  4. Hi Debbie, your greenhouse is looking gorgeous. I love the fuchsias and the geraniums.
    I'm happy to see strictly back and I think I'm going to try watching Downton this year.
    Happy Autumn to you.
    Jacquie x

  5. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. Misty mornings and chilly evenings. I'm so with you on the tv front - Strictly and Downton just wreak of cosying up on the sofa. Bring it on! Love your fuchsias.
    Patricia x

  6. Beautiful photos - I love fuchsias. My garden is almost ready to be put to bed for the Autumn. There is something satisfying closing it down for the Winter. Loved the start of Strictly tonight :)

  7. Oh your greenhouse is still looking extremely pretty!
    What an amazing sky!
    V xxx


  9. Those salmon coloured fuchsias are totally divine. There is such a big variety to choose from isn't there and each and every one a gorgeous flower.
    Rosie xx

  10. Your fuchsias are gorgeous! What an amazing variety and each one with its own charm! Those double ones are wonderful and the single blooms so dainty!
    Yes, autumn is on its way and we are having storms and rain too with sunny periods. I'm cutting back all my plants on the balcony now and will certainly miss sitting out there for all meals and reading and crochet!

  11. Wow! Those fuchsias are amazing! What beautiful colours. Helen

  12. I like your fuchsias! And the sunset is amazing. Thanks! :)

  13. Lovely flowers, as always! I too love the autumn months. It feels like a time for taking stock and planning new (mainly sewing!) projects.

  14. Those flowers are so amazing, just gorgeous. Love your sunset picture. We have to wait until January until Downton Abbey, such a bummer.

  15. My greenhouse is kept for tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers I don't seem to have enough room for flowers which is a shame as yours put on a great show Are the fuschias hardy or do you get new ones every year.

    1. I haven't grown them before, but I've kept pelargoniums going over winter with my little fan heater so I'll cut them back and hope for the best!

  16. Your fuchsias are looking beautiful, we have only one - no place to overwinter. Downton Abbey is actualy not in the German television, I love this series very much.


  17. Aaah, such beautiful photos. Those fuschias are like delicate fairy ballerinas! Are they tricky to grow?

  18. I'm a bit jealous, such beautifull flowers and Downtown Abbey back on television. I think we have to wait a while before we can see what happens after Matthew died. My daughters and I think that Mary will get a relationship with her brother in law, the former driver of the family.

    Groeten from Holland,

    Juffrouw Mier

  19. I always love the visits to your greenhouse. Your fuchias are so pretty. I didn't realise that Downton Abbey was back on again, there are some advantages to the darker evenings!
    Sarah x

  20. Such perfect photos, such pretty colours and so summery.

  21. My Dad's a big fuchsia grower. He likes them to have two strongly contrasting colours but the delicate pink one in your first pic, that would be my choice, it's divine.

  22. Hi there, I just stumbled over your beautiful blog! Your first shot from your greenhouse looks quite spectacular, like out of garden magazine. I love your fuchsias. I didn't know that there are so many different varieties out there. I am very partial to the muted, soft colored ones.