Saturday, 16 November 2013

Quilt Top Finished

Yay!  Finished the quilt top today and just about managed to photograph it before it got too dark.
This is the bit I love most, playing around with the blocks until I'm happy with the layout.  My design wall didn't really work.  The board is a bit too heavy and it sagged too much, but laid flat on the table, with a couple of other bits it's fine.

Sewing together while the light's good.

Finished result, showing the seams.

I think it's got a lovely old fashioned, shabby chic look, very "cottagey" and I'm really keen to get it quilted.  Don't really have anything suitable for the back though so it will have to join the pile and wait it's turn!  I plan to go to the fabric sale at Farnham Maltings in January and hopefully will find some bigger pieces so I can get on and finish all my WIPs.

Off to put the fire on,  it's feeling very chilly round here.
Hope you're having a good weekend.


  1. What a beauty! Oh, the fabrics are just so soft and lovely, the quilt is going to be an heirloom! I'm going to the Maltings quilt fair in January, too, in search of similar big backing fabric! :-) Chrissie x

  2. Yes, it's absolutely beautiful, a piece of art!Well done!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, its stunning - I agree it has a lovely cottagey, shabby chiq look to it.
    Kate x

  4. Love the softcoloured fabrics of your quilt, it is a real beauty. The cottagey, shabby chic look is just what I like so much. Wish you a lot of success with the quilting.

  5. As I looked at your quilt I was thinking 'gentle'. Such beautiful gentle colours and very calming to look at - but maybe not to make during the darker evenings! Just gorgeous!! xx

  6. I love the softer colors, so pretty.

  7. So beautiful, I love the pastel colours and prints and yes she does look very shabby-chic!! Lovely neat work too, Sam xx

  8. You've done well considering the lack of light, the colours are so lovely and gentle and the seams so perfect. I'm guessing it's 60" square? Might see you at the Maltings too...

    1. Yes, it's 60". Probably about as big as I'd like to quilt myself! xx

  9. Love, love, love this quilt Debbie! Your colour choices are wonderful! I think we share the same love of pastels. How do you plan to quilt it? In the ditch or are you a free motion quilter? I can't do free motion for the life of me! I have just finished a quilt for my daughter and it is very large (95" x 95") so I sent it to the quilter. I could use your input on something for it. Would you pop over to my blog and take a look and tell me what you would do about a label? Would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Julie

  10. Your quilt top is very beautiful, and has such gentle cottagey colours. I look forward to seeing it quilted, and hope you find just the right backing for it easily.
    Wishing you a happy week......keep cosy!
    Helen x

  11. Wow Debbie! This is pure craftsmenship.

    The colours look a lot like the ones in mine:

    Only yours looks far more the work of an experienced quilter (unlike mine)

    Enjoy the evening,

    Brigitte from Belgium

  12. Those are such soft pretty colours, it looks so lovely.
    Sarah x

  13. Now this is what I'd love to be able to do! It's gorgeous! :) x

  14. It's beautiful. Your choice of fabrics are delicious! I have it mind to make something similar in the New Year.
    Thanks for your comment. I checked all your posts about Lottie. She is gorgeous. I think she has more brindle than Paddy. I bet she's a good bit smaller too.

  15. Absolutely stunning! I love the gentleness of the colours and fabrics you've used, so soothing.
    Gill xx

  16. It's gorgeous! The colours are wonderful!!