Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring Colour and a New Toy!

This week,
 I've been adding some Easter decorations to the dining room.

Picking rhubarb to make lots of lovely compote.

Soaking up the glorious colours of blossom against blue sky, and just wishing the weather could stay like this all year...

Also, treating myself to a new sewing machine which arrived today.  I've had my Pfaff for about 13 years now and felt the need for something more up to date.  After lots of research and asking around, I went for the Janome 8200.  It's got the dual feed system that's the best bit about the Pfaff, and a much bigger throat that will cope with larger quilts.  It was too nice a day today to stay indoors, but I unpacked all the bits and had a quick play.

It's a big machine, but it does just fit in my cabinet.  The extension table is on order and I'll probably use that, minus the legs rather than an insert.  
You can see the size difference here.
Just need to sit down with the manual and work out how to use it now.  It may take a while!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter


  1. Love your Easter decorations, they look so pretty. Your new machine looks very good, have fun. x

  2. What a lovely new toy! :)
    Love all your pretty Easter decorations...have a lovely Easter!
    V x

  3. Lovely spring pictures. Wow, great new machine and it made me realise that I still call my Bernina my new machine and I got it in 1994, but wouldn't change it for the world. Having a long-arm as well means I'm quite well equipped to do all my quilts. Take care and have a lovely Easter.

  4. Oh my goodness, your new seewingtoy looks like a computer - my old maschine is 35 years old, but I work not so often on her.
    Lovely easter decoration, yesterday I baught some pots for my fuchsias - like yours on the photo.


  5. That looks like a lovely machine, I'll look forward to hearing how you find it. All very exciting getting a new toy!

  6. Oh lucky you, a new machine & a lovely Easter tree. xx

  7. Love your Easter decs. And the new machine - very space age. I am sure you will have lots of fun with it.

  8. I got that same sewing machine last summer. It's fabulous.,Enjoy!

    1. I might have to pick your brains if I need help then! xx

  9. congratulations with your beautiful new sewing machine and your rhubarb........delicious for Easter.
    Wish you nice Easterdays!

  10. Iy looks like the flight deck of a spaceship. It's definitely rhubarb to the forefront at the moment.

  11. The colors of these photos are amazing, the flowers, your Easter table, the sky... wish Spring was here already, but last night we still had some snow, do you believe that? :(

  12. Have a wonderful time with your new toy.

  13. Una entrada preciosa¡¡ besos desde España

  14. I like your Easter decoration, and love the Geraniums in the old pots, the sewing machine looks a right beast, if like me I would not use it satraight away I'd want to saver the moment....

  15. Gorgeous Easter decorations enjoy your new toy xxxx

  16. Love your spring flower pictures......and what an amazing new toy! Enjoy playing with her! Wishing you a Happy Easter.
    Helen xox

  17. Gorgeous new machine.....I'm pea green with envy :)
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend
    Karen x

  18. Enjoy playing with your new machine, and have a Happy Easter x

  19. Happy Easter! Enjoy your new toy! The photo of the blossom is beautiful.