Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spring colour

Oh dear!  Blogging seems to have slipped off the agenda again recently.  Life getting in the way and nothing very crafty going on means not much to post about.  Anyway, here's a few recent snaps to catch up.  The tulips and anemones are now being picked daily, taking over from the glorious daffs.  They seem to have been extra bright and cheerful this year, not sure if it was the wet and mild winter?
The pretty green vase and a large collection of vintage flower frogs were lucky finds on e-bay.  These favourite ones look lovely in the morning light.

The wild area is coming to life again, with cowslips, primulas and bluebells and the odd fritillary.

These anemones have self seeded in our gravel driveway and seem to love the warm, dry position, their pretty blue flowers opening when the sun appears.

Someone else loves the sun too!

And I finally got round to finishing the star blocks started months ago and put aside for the winter.  I wasn't sure about my choice of fabrics and sort of fell out of love with it all, but now they're done I'm happy again!  Just need to join them together now and figure out what to back it with.

Bye for now.


  1. Beautiful star blocks! Love how the little anemones have self seeded ....don't fritillaries look exotic!
    V x

  2. Such a beautiful, bright post today. Love your gorgeous quilt.

  3. Your blooms are all beautiful. The quilt is gorgeous. Hugs Judy

  4. So much prettiness in this post! The flowers, the quilt top...and a very contented-looking pooch! Chrissie x

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photo's,
    Kate x

  6. Spring colours are so beautiful, even more so when the sun comes out!
    Have a great week.

  7. Loving all your sweet spring pictures! Your garden flowers are gorgeous and your glass vases look so pretty in the light. (My poppies are growing well from the seeds you sent me last year, thank you x) The quilt top is beautiful, I love that particular star pattern very much and your colours are so harmonious.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  8. The two first photos are so eye-catching, full of color and light! Your garden is also very lovely, hope you enjoy spring time! You must be proud for the quilt!

  9. Lovely photos.. gorgeous Spring colours. Your dog looks very content in its sunny spot :o)

  10. What a nice collection, I have never seen so much at one place!
    It is so interesting what people collect.
    Your quilt ist wonderful.


  11. Such beautiful pictures - gorgeous! I love the colour of the flowers, spring is wonderful! The quilt top must have been a lot of hard work!
    Maria x

  12. I adore the star quilt!! Lovely photos. Jen

  13. This is a lovely collection of flowerfrogs and lovely spring flowers, but I adore your whippet dog.

  14. Hi Debbie, I love your collection of vintage vase frogs, what a find! And your collection of glass vases, jars and bottles is equally pretty. It looks so nice how your have arranged everything on the windowsill! Lovely to see all the dainty spring flowers in your garden. That is a great photo of your whippet bathing in the sun. How old is your dog? Wishing you a nice rest of the week!

    1. Hi Christina, Lottie's nearly 9 now, but still has the odd burst of energy!

  15. Hi Debbie, Lovely to see your spring flowers. Those anemones look so eye catching too.
    Sarah x

  16. sheer quality of the photos always make your blog worth the visit

  17. Your star quilt is absolutely stunning! I also love your collection of vintage class, very eye catching x

  18. What simple sweet arrangements, and do love your collection of vintage flower frogs. I don't think I realised they came in so many colours. As for the quilt, it's "beautiful", as those colours say spring to me. Looking forward to seeing it quilted and bound. Take care.

  19. Lovely flower pics and your star quilt is just gorgeous. My pups are loving napping in the sunshine too!

  20. Lovely flowers I love flittaery's but can never get them to grow in our garden. The quilt is beautiful
    Clare x