Monday, 10 August 2015

Danebury Hill and Longstock Park Nursery

Continuing my look back at days out this year here's a couple of places that I visited back in early June on a gloriously sunny, but not too hot, day. Just right for chucking a picnic in the car and heading off for a drive.
After pootling around some pretty villages like Stockbridge, Nether Wallop and Longstock I found myself near Danebury Hill and stopped to explore.  It's a fascinating place, home to an Iron Age fort for a few hundred years and with amazing views over the surrounding countryside.  

The surrounding trees make it feel very sheltered and it's easy to imagine the communities that lived there feeling fairly safe.  The line of the main road is still marked by ruts and sprinkled with daisies  2000 years later!

Just a couple of miles away is the Longstock Park estate with it's beautiful water garden.  It wasn't open the day I visited, but the Nursery is always worth a visit.  Housed in the old walled garden they have a great range of plants and a stunning 80m long herbaceous border full of planting inspiration.

There was still more foliage than flowers at that stage, but impressive anyway.  The arches are smothered with clematis later in the season which must look beautiful.

I'm looking forward to some more days out, but don't enjoy the really hot weather, so hoping it cools off a bit soon.
Bye for now.


  1. Such a beautiful park and garden! Have a good week!

    Madelief x

  2. What a beautiful border! :)
    I'll take some of your heat if you like and I'm very happy to share our rain!
    V x

  3. Oh, they are certainly two places I'd like to visit. The garden would give me lots of ideas for this one I'm sure. Take care.

  4. lovely place, such beautiful gardens...also loved the cottage gardens on a previous posting, near where i live is a project thats run for learning difficulties and engages them in gardening and wood carving and its a lovely place where you can even buy their wonderful handmade items and plants, veg. ;)

  5. Those both look like wonderful places to visit. We are trying to find places to visit when we meet up with my brother who lives near Aldershot so Danebury Hill looks a good location to walk with him with the dogs. Sarah x

    1. There is a large fenced dog walking area, but they aren't allowed on the actual hillfort area unfortunately due to rare breed sheep and cows, (though I didn't see any when I was there). Also being next to Middle Wallop, there can be helicopters coming and going which might worry them. Always tricky finding good dog walking places isn't it!

    2. Thank you for this additional information it doesn't sound the best place for a dog walk! Sarah x

  6. Many years since we wandered around Danebury, fascinating place. I adore huge herbaceous like that, lovely pictures :-)

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