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Monday, 19 November 2012

Craft Fair

Well, the craft fair at the local village hall has been and gone and very jolly it was too!  There was quite a mix of stalls and a surprisingly large turn out for a small village.  It was the first time I'd done anything like this so bit of a learning curve, but I got lots of nice comments on the quilts covering the table!

The owls were popular and everyone loved the little crochet bears and mouse that my sister made.  Aren't they sweet?

Hubby had the table next to me with his wood turned bowls and things and did pretty well.

The other side was a stall selling chutneys that smelled yummy, but probably overpowered my lavender bags a bit!

So now that's out of the way I've been updating my Etsy shop.  Still some more to do, but the light was so dull today it was hard to photograph anything.  Then I really ought to think about Christmas presents and catch up with your blogs.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Waiting for summer.

What strange weather we've been having lately!  Some days it's warm enough to think about suncream when I'm gardening, then we have days like yesterday when the heavens kept chucking it down with hailstones!  I woke this morning to see frost on the grass and thought my beans had had it, but they still seem to be ok thankfully.  Everything is covered with fleece and netting, so fingers crossed.
Here's a few flowers from the garden that cheered me up today.

In the veg plot the sweet peas have been planted with some twiggy sticks to give them a leg up to start with.

The potatoes are growing well and have been earthed up a few times.

Closer to the house I've been tidying up the pots and bought a couple of window planters that hubby put up for me :)  I've been buying plants at the garden centre to fill them with, but they're sat indoors for now.  The metal tub is full of mint, which I love to have by the back door in the summer for potatoes and salads.  The butler sink was removed from our last house when it was the fashion to rip them out and put in little round ones!  What were we thinking!

Lottie's getting fed up with the weather, whippets aren't designed for rain :(  She hasn't had any luck catching rabbits either, so spending a lot of time under her blanket on the sofa.

Finally,  I've added some more fabric rolls to my Etsy shop now that I've sold a few :)  These ones are in cosy, warm colours, just right for a quilt for Autumn if you're looking for a project, or a gift for someone!

Here's hoping that summer is on the way soon.


Friday, 30 March 2012

Spring flowers and a bit of sewing

All this lovely sunshine has brought out the tulips in the garden, and very welcome they are too.  I love their bright, sweetshop colours after too many months of "greyness". The only downside to them being that most of them don't come back as big and strong the following year.  
These have been in the veg plot for about 6 years, after growing them in tubs first and some varieties have just disappeared, but others keep returning, albeit on shorter stems, which is fine for popping in mugs on the kitchen window sill.  I think they look gorgeous with the anemones, real "cheer you up" flowers!

I've been doing some more sewing, making some lavender hearts out of some scraps of vintage "comfy" quilts I've had for ages.  I love how they've turned out, decorative enough to hang up, but useful as a pin cushion too!  They'll be in my Etsy shop when I've finished sewing them up.

Lottie's been making the most of the sun, moving round the house to the warmest bit all day!  In the morning it's the back of the sofa.  I've given up trying to keep it looking tidy. At least she's happy :)

Have a good weekend

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Garden Spring Cleaning

Hello to you all and welcome to my new followers.
What glorious weather we've been having recently!  It's a shame it can't stay like this all year, though the garden really needs some rain, but I'm sure we'll get some soon enough.   The area near the back door desperately needed a spring clean now that we'll be spending more time outside so I spent yesterday getting rid of all the the broken tatty pots and assorted rubbish that tends to accumulate over winter and gave it all a good hose down and re-arranged everything.  

The pots of tulips are just starting to flower but I'm keen to get some more colour here and I want to try some new things in pots this year, apart from the usual hostas and pelargoniums.  
The bench needs a comfy cushion,  and then it will be a nice shady spot for relaxing with a cup of tea!

In the greenhouse there is lots of signs of life. The beans and sweet peas are all growing away and the peas in the guttering are doing well.  I like to start them off like that and just push the whole lot out into the soil.  It's still quite chilly at night, and a few weeks yet before the last frost, so nothing's going out yet.

Elsewhere in the garden everything is beginning to turn a lovely shade of green and the forsythia and daffodils are looking radiant in the sunshine.

In between garden pottering  I've finally managed to get my Etsy shop up and running.  It has seemed to take ages, from faffing about with a new bank account and paypal account and then setting up the shop. Then trying to get some decent photos and writing about the items, it all takes ages! but I think I know what I'm doing now and hopefully there will be more things in there soon.